Samuel Freshfields | Investment Philosophy

A Single-Minded Focus on Clients’ Investments

Investment Philosophy


Samuel Freshfields is represented by a group of financial experts who manage multi-asset class portfolios for some of the world's most affluent clients. We expertly manage strategies across global, regional, and strategic benchmarks, bringing a thorough understanding of the numerous risk-return factors that each asset class entails to each investment choice we make.

Experienced investment experts, a global platform, and a fully integrated investing philosophy are among the company’s competitive advantages.

Samuel Freshfields offers investment management services where the risk involved is outweighed by the potential for return on investment.

All of our investment efforts are guided by the unifying philosophy that follows:

The primacy of risk control

Our goal is not just to achieve higher investment performance, but to achieve excellent performance at a lower risk level. Superior performance in difficult times is required to demonstrate that the good-time benefits were gained through competence rather than just accepting above-average risk.

As a result, rather than focusing just on potential earnings, we prioritize averting losses. "If we avoid the losers, the winners will take care of themselves" is our belief, especially in the opportunistic markets in which we operate.

Emphasis on consistency

We do not accept oscillations between the highest-level results in good times and lower results in bad times. A superior record, in our opinion, is best established on a high winning percentage rather than a combination of stunning successes and dreadful failures.

Returns are less predictable in today's economy, and uncertainties emerge from new and unexpected sources. Finding the correct asset class balance can help you add value to your portfolio while also protecting it.

The market inefficiency factor

We believe that dedication and talent can lead to the power of knowledge and so to possibly better investing outcomes. However, we do not believe this can happen in so-called efficient markets, where a large number of participants have equal access to information and act neutrally to incorporate it into asset values. We consider that there are less efficient markets where the objective application of expertise and effort should pay off for our clients, and we only invest in those areas.

The advantages of specializing

Specialization is the most certain path to the outcomes we, and our clients, desire. As a result, we require that each of our portfolios focus on only one thing - single financial expertise - and do it effectively. We lay out the rules for each investing expertise as clearly as possible and stick to them. Our conduct and performance are always precisely related to the task we are employed to execute. Samuel Freshfields clients interested in a single asset class may receive exactly what they want due to the availability of specialized portfolios; clients interested in multiple asset classes can combine our portfolios to acquire the mix they want.


Investing does not require macro-forecasting

We think that continuously outstanding performance can only be attained via superior knowledge of companies and their assets, rather than attempting to forecast what the economy, interest rates, or securities markets will bring. As a result, we invest fully from the bottom up, using proprietary, company-specific research. We regard overall portfolio structuring as a defensive tool to avoid unsafe combinations, rather than as an instrument enabling us to keep more of what works well.


Denial of market timing

We maintain portfolios fully invested whenever competitively priced assets are available because we do not trust in the predictive abilities required to appropriately time the markets. We can switch to more defensive assets, enhance selectivity, or act more cautiously as a result of market concerns, but we never raise demand for capital. Clients employ us to invest in certain market segments, and we must always deliver results. It is not appropriate to hold investments that are not profitable, but it is unacceptable to miss out on profits because we did not acquire what we were engaged to acquire.


Expertise with a wide range of applications

Your organization, as an official sector asset manager, has most likely not been immune to market problems in recent years. Following the global financial crisis, many central banks, governments, and sovereign wealth funds have used the opportunity to revisit old investment practices and processes, making necessary adjustments to better prepare for the future.

Samuel Freshfields' Official Institution Committee (OIC) focuses on official sector funds and works closely with sovereign customers to assist them manage today's changing market landscape. Our personalized strategies cover a wide range of asset classes and productive solutions. In addition, OIC provides technical assistance and skill-transfer capabilities in practically all elements of investment and risk management, as well as educated insights on strategic policy issues that are important to your company.

Equity Strategies

STRATEGIC ASSET ALLOCATION - Depending on your financial goals, portfolio structure, and projected market circumstances, we create bespoke strategic allocation solutions.

RETIREMENT EXPECTATIONS - Target Retirement plans from Samuel Freshfields are designed to provide cost-effective, consistent, accurate risk-matched levels of exposure across global asset classes in a simple investment vehicle.

FIDUCIARY ADVISORY SERVICES - We can assist you in improving multi-asset class investment and governance decision-making in the face of changing market and regulatory conditions by providing skilled and collaborative assistance.

STRATEGIC ASSET ALLOCATION - Our strategic asset allocation portfolios take into account variations in asset class pricing versus your strategic benchmark. The strategy aims to outperform the market while being tailored to your risk appetite.

EXPOSURE MANAGEMENT - These tactics assist you manage cash balances while keeping asset class exposures efficient and liquid.

INVESTING BASED ON LIABILITY - Our strategy is in the form of a portfolio solution that takes into account growth, risk, and known finance needs. The methods are designed to fulfill required return targets while also controlling your asset-liability dynamics to decrease the chance of a shortfall.

SPECIALTY SOLUTIONS - This involves alternative asset classes and non-traditional portfolio construction implementations. These strategies comprise:

  • • Real Assets
  • • Risk Parity
  • • Multisource Active Commodities

Clientele Oriented Strategy Approach

As a result of consistent application of our philosophy and principles, Samuel Freshfields has earned a large and distinguished clientele. Among Samuel Freshfields’ global clients are pension plans, corporations around the world, state retirement plans, endowments and foundations globally, and sovereign wealth funds.

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