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Expertise Deep Knowledge Advantage

In order to add value to our markets, we need a deep knowledge advantage, which can only be obtained through exclusive, in-depth research. Each market has its own team of highly skilled professionals, and we have developed a research technique that is routinely used.


Although we seek for higher returns, consistency, capital protection, and exceptional performance in challenging circumstances are our top objectives.

  • Investment objective

    Based on our experience, we know that emerging markets, which are constantly on the increase, are the right environment for investment opportunities, yet they are overlooked in many portfolios. We offer solutions that can help clients gain the necessary exposure to these volatile markets.

    Featured approaches

    • Global Opportunities
    • Emerging Markets Research Equity
    • Emerging Markets Systematic Equity
    • Asia Equity
    • Emerging Asia
  • Take a contrarian approach

    Contrarians oppose conventional wisdom, putting emotions aside and analyzing sentiment, pricing, and facts to find objective value. Markets frequently miss potential opportunities that contrarian techniques find.

    Featured approaches

    • Global Contrarian Equity
    • International Contrarian Value
    • Asia Contrarian Equity
  • Generate income

    In a low-yield environment, it would make sense for investors to increase their exposure to equity-based strategies that offer dividend income, which has historically been a significant component of total real return.

    Featured approaches

    • Equity Income
    • Global Equity Income
    • Dividend Growth
  • Diversify your portfolio with less associated sources of income

    Real assets and alternatives frequently have low correlations with traditional equities, allowing them to outperform during rising inflationary situations.

    Featured approaches

    • Energy
    • Global Agriculture
  • Lower portfolio volatility

    Investing strategies that strive to systematically exploit a variety of sources of alpha can help investors reduce their total risk over time while also avoiding common drawbacks such as behavioral biases.

    Featured approaches

    • Disciplined Small Cap Equity
    • Enduring Assets
  • Reduce the impact of unexpected factors

    Momentum, volatility, safety, quality, and liquidity are some of the risk elements that drive performance today, along with more classic factors like style and market cap. We provide techniques to help mitigate their consequences.

    Featured approaches

    • Global Equities
    • International Equities
    • Asian Alpha
    • Disciplined Asian Equity

Investment process

The managers seek to identify high-conviction approaches and differentiated philosophies. Security weighting and risk allocation are based on the complementary nature of each strategy from a philosophical, alpha, and risk perspective and on the team’s level of conviction.

Multi-manager strategies

Using innovative risk-management methodologies, our multi-manager strategic solutions aim to combine distinct sources of alpha from Samuel Freshfields' broad range of investing approaches. Portfolio managers play an important part in the company’s internal strategy oversight. As a result of this exposure, they have a thorough understanding of the techniques in our array.


Build an integrated risk framework

Managers examine all of the company's initiatives and create a risk framework to determine how to distribute capital and mitigate risk. The team often uses cash flows to bias the portfolio toward risk factors within a specified limit after establishing initial allocations.


Qualitative assessment

The team uses a qualitative approach, concentrating on strategies with distinct investment philosophies and a large active share. Individual strategies may be highly volatile, with few, if any, diversified investments. As risk is handled as a group, we want managers to focus on their primary proficiency: asset selection within their discipline.


Quantitative assessment

A quantitative perspective is sometimes used to assess strategies. The goal is to find distinct alpha sources and integrate them in a way that minimizes the portfolio's most systematic risk biases. Overlap analysis, alpha correlation, market dynamics, stress testing, and scenario analysis are among the analytical tools used by the team.


Portfolio construction

A portfolio design method based on the risk-factor is the outcome of combining research, investor knowledge and risk management. Strategic solutions are designed to be diversified, with a profile that is similar to the benchmark and the ability to generate high alpha.

Client-focused solutions

Our equity lineup includes a number of approaches designed to help meet investors’ needs and objectives. The following are a few examples.

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