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Business Principles

Our mission is to create, develop, and support cutting-edge infrastructure that will improve financial market accessibility and transparency.


We believe in liberal financial markets. Our goal is to create a benchmark for financial intermediary transparency and market accessibility.

Excellence in investing is our priority

  • To us, this involves generating attractive profits without associated risk.
  • A mismatch between profits and risk is characteristic for markets which are not of high efficiency.
  • We strive for superior returns.
  • Our first priority is to produce consistency through our actions.
  • We take great measures towards capital protection.
  • We focus on superior performance in times of volatility.

How we achieve excellence in investing

  • Exclusive, in-depth research

    In order to add value to our markets, we need a deep knowledge advantage, which can only be obtained through exclusive, in-depth research. Each market has its own team of highly skilled professionals, and we have developed a research technique that is routinely used. Our research focuses on identifying the elements that are required to achieve success and then identifying investment candidates that meet those requirements.

  • Unity of interests

    We pay close attention to potential conflicts of interest in order to create unity of interests with our clients, avoiding them if possible and dealing fairly with them if not. We prioritize our clients' needs over our own and serve all clients equally. According to one of our essential principles, if all of our practices were known, everyone would perceive the motivation behind our actions.

  • Personnel practices

    Our team of experts continuously contributes to the achievement of our clients’ goals. Workforce instability, internal politics, and unhealthy competitiveness must all be avoided in order to maintain a peaceful workplace and a spirit of cooperation. Our employees will always benefit from the rewards of our labor in a fair and equitable manner. Employee ownership and firm-wide profit participation are critical in this regard.

  • Cooperation with clients

    Cooperating with clients means addressing their demands while also strengthening our relationships with them. Every client should fully comprehend our concept, strategy, actions, and outcomes. When we discuss our performance, we are honest about our accomplishments, not making excuses for losses or taking credit for good wins.


All of the aforementioned must contribute to our company's profitability. Samuel Freshfields is managed for the benefit of its clients and stakeholders, as well as its owners and workers. Profit for the sake of profit, size for the sake of size, and prosperity through cost cutting are all clearly opposed. If we thrive at investing, our incomes should increase.

Business Principles


New products

When it comes to introducing new products to Samuel Freshfields' portfolio of investing methods, we prioritize avoiding mistakes over seizing every opportunity. In each situation, we base our choice to develop a new product on:

  • Identifying a market that is inefficient but has the potential for high returns;
  • Confidence in the market's ability to be exploited with minimal risk;
  • Having access to an investing team that is capable of delivering the results we desire.

We make sure that the company's new products represent a move into highly related fields, this being accomplished together with people with whom we have substantial first-hand knowledge, due to the high priority placed on ensuring that these conditions are met.


Management fee arrangements

Our management fee arrangements are meant to adequately reward us for the services we provide while also promoting a positive business relationship. Fee structures encourage us to act only in the best interests of our clients; they should be fair, competitive, and transparent. For the same service, all accounts of equivalent size must pay comparable fees.


All our actions are guided by our purpose “We protect your future”. The power of this promise and the increasing role Samuel Freshfields plays in people’s lives were impressively confirmed by our client feedback survey.

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Responsible Investments

Our global investment management team has control over which industries and companies our funds are invested in. Decisions about what is or isn't invested in is in our control, guided by our Responsible Investment Policy.

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